Day 1 Blogging


I’ve decided to create this blog not only as an assignment for a class, but to voice my opinion on the women in STEM fields from my own perspective. In Fall 2014, with immense support from SSU’s electrical engineering department, an organization was started called the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at SSU. It was ultimately started to highlight female roles in STEM fields at SSU and beyond, as well as provide crucial support for ladies along their STEM journey.

Now that you’ve heard a little bit about why I’ve decided to start this blog let’s get started. With no experience or background with blogging at all, it took me a little while to actually get started. I did a lot of researching, how to start etc. After brainstorming and reading other blogs, I decided to just start writing, letting it flow from the heart. As a leader in SWE at SSU, I started a website ( in the beginning of  the Spring 2015 semester as a way for our members to communicate and stay up to date on events. Also during this semester, I enrolled into a course named School and Society. This course basically highlights contemporary issues in today’s schooling system as well as the future directions of education. A book we recently read was Building a Bridge to the 18th Century written by Neil Postman. Neil voices his opinion on schooling using past thinkers and writers as his basis for critique. Neil specifically doesn’t like the idea of technology, and believes that we are all consumed and being blinded by technology. He encourages romanticism and discourages rationalism, meaning that he people need to connect more with their cultural and spiritual side, which will lead us to progress. One idea he was also set on was the fact that women are only fit to become caretakers for their children, and that families should have patriarchy. This was one thing I definitely disagreed on with Postman, which brings me to this blog.

There have been many studies and cases that have been done in the past to try and reason why women do not pick careers in STEM. After reading countless blogs and doing research I think I’ve come to my own reasoning that their are many reasons that contribute to this notion. It all begins with women’s rights during the past centuries; no voting rights, women didn’t have the option to become doctors and lawyers etc. This idea has stuck with society even up to this day, and I believe it simply comes from being creatures of habit and just repeating the pattern because it’s easy. Another thing is the media in society today. I believe that our schooling system has the potential to gear young women towards STEM fields and have been doing so, however, the fast-paced media has the ability to steer many young women in the wrong direction. Here, I bring up a fact by Postman that I do partially agree about and that is the idea of technology. Postman hates the idea of technology, thinking that we are all mesmerized and abused by it. In this sense, I do agree with Postman because people more than ever today are relying on technology for everything. I believe that a confident and intellectual young woman who is prominent in a STEM field, and has found equilibrium when using technology (and not being swayed by it) has just as much of an opportunity towards a career in STEM than anyone else does.


I’ll let my first blog post end here and hope to get my page out there so I can hear some feedback and opinions! What are your thoughts?!